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As an alternative Grading system  for the South African hospitality industry,  Blue Star Grading  reflects  the European  Accommodation Standard for B&B’s and Guesthouses . In 2010 these Standards have so far been  successfully applied in several European Countries by  the hospitality grading associations. More Countries are going to follow very soon.


The target of Blue Star Grading is to inform travelers in South Africa that an Accommodation Establishment was assessed according to the European Accommodation Standards. Blue Star Grading is totally independent and not driven by any Government, other organizations or systems. Blue Star Grading sees its duty in assessing the standards of subscribing Establishments only. They do not involve themselves with the checking of permits, Tax issues and other legal requirements. Sensitive information like annual turnover or rate structures of Establishments is not requested. In order to obtain a Blue Star Grading license, the Establishment  just needs to furnish proof of registration as an accommodation business and that it complies with the standards of the category applied for. (From 1 up to 4 Blue Stars). The assessment will be carried out annually. Thereafter, the establishment is entitled to carry the Blue Stars and put up the appropriate Blue Star Grading sign and logo.


As, to a great extent, the new 2010 Guesthouse criteria of other grading organizations in South Africa (applying the extremely high Hotel standards) does not apply to a large number of  B&B’s, Guesthouses and Country Houses anymore, the Blue Star Grading system has adapted the European and German criteria, custom made for the needs of smaller establishments. The European Hotel Grading as well as the G-Grading is based on the well maintained German Grading System . It provides very balanced and fair criteria.

The Blue Star G-Classification provides transparency and reliability to the clients of classified  B&B´s, Guesthouses and Country Houses, and the guests will know in advance which facilities and services the premises offer.


It reflects the European Grading Standard for  B&B´s, Guesthouses and Country Houses and, as stated before, several grading associations in several European Countries subscribe to these criteria. The European traveler will appreciate the existence of a well known grading standard and will thus be able to make an easy decision to book into Blue Star graded establishments.



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